New Age of Feminism

This forum panel will explore how intersectionality plays a role in the modern-day women’s movement. Speakers will discuss the role of women in other social movements, such as Black Lives Matter, #DefendDACA, and LGBTQ rights advocacy. We will also discuss issues facing women of color and how progressive movements can unite over intersectional values of equality and justice.

Moderator: Ashley Spillane
Speakers: Estefanía Vela Barba. Sade Lythcott, Cleo Wade

Women in National Security:

A Conversation with Michele Flournoy

In the post-9/11 world, women have made up a larger and more visible contingent of the national security establishment, and yet they remain in the minority of leadership roles. This discussion with Michele Flournoy, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and the highest ranking woman to ever serve in the Pentagon, will explore the institutional challenges in recruiting and retaining women to national security careers, the creation of policies that will enable women to succeed in this uniquely male-dominated field, and the personal experiences of being a female leader in the field.

Speaker: Michele Flournoy

Workplace Equality and Closing the Gender Gap

Women in the 21st century still face inequality when it comes to reproductive freedom, equal pay, and paid family leave. Panelists will discuss the importance of these policy changes (among others) for reaching gender equality, challenges we face in communicating why these changes are necessary, and strategies for achieving legislative success.

Moderator: Megan Costello
Speaker: Carmen Arce-Bowen, Hannah Riley Bowles, Judge Nancy Gertner

The Power of Women in Politics

This panel will feature three women who have served in public office. They will engage in a discussion about the obstacles and opportunities that women face when running for office and what it is like to represent women’s interests in male-dominated elected bodies. 

Moderator: Kesha Ram

  • Representative Stefani Carter, Texas House of Representatives (2011-2015)
  • Representative Lori Ehrlich, Massachusetts House of Representatives (2008 – present)
  • Mayor of Minneapolis Betsy Hodges (2014-2018)

Women in International Development

How are women helping women around the world? How does feminism cross borders and become an international issue? This panel will explore emerging global feminist movements and how feminism differs across countries.

Moderator: Lucia Diaz-Martin
Speakers: Lindiwe Mazibuko, Maggie McConnell, Lamiya Morshed, Claire Walsh

Our youth are our future, and we are increasingly witnessing young people’s ability to successfully reform policies around issues through impactful new movements and organizations. The Future is Female panel highlights the voices of young women who are politically active, highly engaged members of our community, and embody the power of youth activism and advocacy. Come learn from our future leaders to hear about their vision for transforming the next phase of feminism to be more inclusive, intersectional, and politically resilient.

Moderator: Amy J. Zhou
Speakers: Jean Guo, Munira Khalif, Amanda R. Matos, Nadya Okamoto

The Future is Female

Evolution of Technology and Women in the Workplace

Within every sector, technology propels our world forward, advancing the achievements of mankind. At the forefront of a diverse array of technology subsectors, our panel speakers will discuss the role of women in technological progress as well as the influences of technology in social progress for women. We aim to uncover similarities and differences across the panelists’ experiences along with advice for future female leaders at the nexus of technology and society.

Moderator: Lakshmi Srinivasan
Speakers: Eva Galperin, Dorothy Rasco, Kirthiga Reddy



Work Smart: Salary Negotiation

Presented by the American Association of University Women, Work Smart is designed to help mid-career women negotiate for a new job as well as for earned raises or promotions. In every two-hour workshop, you’ll gain confidence in your negotiation style through facilitated discussion and role-play and learn:

  • How to identify and articulate your personal value
  • How to develop an arsenal of persuasive responses and other negotiation strategies, including how to get a raise or promotion
  • How to conduct objective market research to benchmark a target salary and benefits
  • About the pay gap, including its long-term consequence

Organizational Design

Pre-Hire Decisions that Promote Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

How might we mitigate implicit bias in the workplace? This workshop will consider strategies for addressing the challenging and costly problem of gender bias in the workplace, with a particular focus on pre-hire applications. Participants will first be exposed to people analytics softwares that promote workplace diversity and inclusion, then create their own behavioral designs to scrub out implicit bias in pre-hire applications, and learn tools for developing HR practices that center on on recruiting stronger, more diverse and inclusive workforces.

Ready to Run?

What does it take to run for office? What does a good campaign look like? What can you do NOW to prepare yourself to run? Join Emerge Massachusetts to learn about running for office and start your political journey. Emerge Massachusetts is a premiere candidate training program that inspires women leaders from diverse backgrounds in public office through recruitment, training, and providing a powerful network.